"Tu się zaczyna koniec miast" + wysyłka w Polsce lub odbiór osobisty  Warszawa Praga lub Ochota

"This is where the end of cities begins" + shipping abroad (chose)

Special edition of the book: one of 25 copies with print available in April 2016

I get off at the final stop, Google maps in hand. It’s getting dark. You can still vaguely see the city, here and there you can catch a glimpse of the Palace of  Culture and some skyscrapers, but this area is a place of a different kind. A small cosmos, bound by train tracks, old fences, power plant blocks. The train tracks run through the thicket. There is a stream behind a barrier of shrubs; abandoned plastic bags and bottles reflect the light and glisten like Christmas tree baubles.

I am looking for the skeleton of the city; I am wandering around spaces quite close to inhabited areas – if measured by physical distances. But this was a parallel reality; forgotten, visited by special request only. Each day it looks different, depending on the weather, the time of the day and season.

Evening strolls around the menial outskirts turned from a search for the industrial Warsaw into a venture into the hyperreality, strangely close to outer space, only with gravity. In daytime, the lunar craters could turn out to be heaps of gravel, and the spaceship – a prosaic part of a sewage treatment plant, or a water intake. Fortunately, everyday life has no access to this parallel reality, where dampness and dusk distort the shapes. You can stay on another planet.


This Is Where the End of Cities Begins / Tu się zaczyna koniec miast

soft cover 198 x 310 m

80 pages 34 pictures

print 198 x 310 mmphotos: Agnieszka Rayss

text: Filip Springer

design: Ania Nalecka / TBD

edition: 350 copies, including 25 special edition copies

publisher: Sputnik Photos

ISBN: 978-83-941826-1-8


Poland 90 PLN + shipping cost

Europe and overseas - 35 E plus shipping cost

Special edition: 120 EUR + SHIPPING COST – 25 collector’s copies with signed print (available only with the book), in a box